WWE Supercard Money in the Bank Mode Guide

WWE Supercard Money in the Bank Mode Guide

While playing WWE SuperCard, the most exciting Mode is Money in the Bank Mode. Today, we will look at the wwe supercard money in the bank mode guide that you need to know.

In this post, we will explain all the features of this model, which will help you understand the game mode and secure your win.

Selection of Deck

Selection of Deck

Select a Deck of fifteen superstars and two support cards. Make sure that these cards are sufficiently upgraded.

You can choose the cards by yourself, depending on the four stats of the game. However, if you are not sure whom to accept, there is an excellent option of autofill in the game.

The autofill will choose the best of the stats from your available cards and place them in your deck.

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The Bout

The Bout

To play a match, you need to have Bouts. The maximum count of Bout is five at a time. Bouts get recharged automatically, and every hour you can get one Bout.

So after you finish all five Bouts, you can play one match every hour.

The Contracts

The Contract

This mode aims to collect a considerable number of contracts. You will be given Contracts on each win of the ladder. If you win all the tiers of the ladder, the rewards of your Contract will be doubled.

Most of the players will give you a single Contract if you can defeat them. However, the cards with a briefcase pay more contracts in the game. These cards are also more robust, so choose wisely from your deck.

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How to Play the Game

From your deck, you will be given six random cards and two support cards. These cards will be your players for a five-tier match. It is a match on the ladder. You will be given the preference of opponents in every tier.

Select your player first and then select your opponent. After the match, if you win, you can go to the next tier. If you lose, you need to choose another player to defeat the champion. You cannot go to the next row unless you beat the standing champion.

All your champion platers can be used only in one match. The selection of champions is a vital task as the type of game is random.

If you can reach the top tier and win the match, you will be the winner.

It would help if you played the game wisely to reach the highest tier. The selection of a player is an essential part. Start playing with your lesser stat player and select an opponent accordingly in the first two-tier. Save your more influential players for the top three tier ladder.

There is a crucial role of the sixth player. This Additional player will be required if you lose one-tier. However, as the selection is random, you must fill your deck with your best players.


All these contracts can be used in the reward section of the game. You can redeem the Contracts collected through the game to get Superstars and Diva cards.

The reward section gets updated after a regular interval. So if you aim to get a specific card, you need to hurry and collect the number of contracts for redeeming that.

The minimum redeemable Contract is fifteen numbers, which can be exchanged to get four packs of cards.

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