The Sims Mobile Game Review: As Good as its Predecessors?

the sims mobile game review

The Sims is one of the most beloved game franchises of this century. This ground-breaking life-simulation game has massively excelled on PC, consoles, and Mac. Check out this the sims mobile game review to know everything about the game.

Hence, The Sims Mobile game was received with much anticipation. Does this free mobile game live up to its hype? Here’s a detailed review –

Developers and Game Updates

The Sims Mobile Game Updates

Electronic Arts (EA) are most famous for creating PC and console games. Their venture into the mobile simulation game genre with the Sims Mobile game has been similarly successful.

The game was officially launched in early March 2018. Massive changes were made to improve the game mechanics after the ‘soft’ version of the game was poorly received (the soft version was only given a limited release).

Since then, the Sims Mobile game has outperformed Sims FreePlay in terms of daily installs.

Presently, the game has over 40 million downloads. The developers have made consistent updates, the most notable one being the introduction of ‘Tickets,’ which replaced the old token system.

However, the game does need more features, such as better narratives.

Developer Rating – 7/10

Storage and Data Usage

The game takes up roundabout 1.28 GB of internal storage. Data usage is very low. Don’t expect this game to consume more than 1GB of data on a monthly basis.

Storage and Data Usage Rating – 9/10


The Sims Mobile Overall Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to previous PC and console versions of the game. You get to create characters from scratch, create homes, give your Sims careers, socialize with the Sims of other players, and create your own family.

A significant difference in the mobile version is that there are no deaths in the game. Since your Sims do not require food or water, they are unaffected by your absence.

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And, there are no fire, water, or equipment hazards either. Your Sims will simply retire once they age.

Overall, the gameplay can be strangely addictive once you start completing the daily tasks. The daily tasks can be extremely rewarding as well.

I didn’t knew all those tasks at first. So I searched online for it and found them all from portal and used them to earn lots of simcash and it worked. Well, the overall gameplay was very good.

Gameplay Rating – 7.5/10


The graphics of the game are eerily similar to the PC and console versions. How the developers have been able to maintain the same pixel quality in the mobile version is baffling.

Players will get to have in-depth experiences of character building, be it building a house or starting a new family.

The amount of detail put into went into the character features, unique items, etc. is excellent as well. You really can’t expect more!

Graphics – 9.5/10


When your characters meet new Sims, you only get three reactions – Friendly, romantic, or hostile.

This reaction will govern your whole entire story arc with this Sim. This makes each story repetitive and pre-scripted, lowering the replay value.

Story Rating – 6/10

Overall Verdict

Although the game matches up to its PC predecessors in a lot of ways, the limited number of Sim interaction options can make this game feel pre-scripted and dull after a certain period of time.

Overall, the developers have done a decent job with this mobile version of Sims, but it will be wrong to say that this game is perfect.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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