Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack And Cheats Unlimited Free K Stars in 2020

kim kardashian hollywood hack

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is one of a fantastic game that will help you to become an in-game Celebrity from a common man.

Here you can enjoy raising yourself a least recognized star to a well known A-listed Hollywood star, and this is the only goal in this game.

The game is super addictive, and if you are also addicted to this game, then the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack and cheats will definitely enhance your gameplay.

The structure of the game includes purchasing of house, furniture and clothes, dating, promotional events and all those things for a celebrity that are required to get the fame.

The game also includes the photoshoots at different locations, working with the media peoples, social activities and hanging out with Kim Kardashian herself.

In this article, we are providing you with the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats and hack that will help you to increase your stardom and put yourself in the A-list of the Hollywood celebrity.

If you want to play the game with no spending of real money then making use of legit Kim K game hack and cheats will definitely enhance your gaming experience.

If you don’t know how to hack Kim Kardashian Hollywood game then here we are giving you some essential guidelines to hack the game legally so let get started with this list.

Top 12 Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack & Cheats For Free K Stars

1. Keep on Playing

Keep on playing the game because this is one of the great Kim Kardashian Hollywood energy cheats. Play the game regularly to earn money, energy and other rewards.

Performing in the game will help you to get the money and other freebies that are hidden in the different locations of the game. If you keep on playing, you will be rewarded with the resources every two minutes.

Completing the level will help to get experience points and unlock the new stuff. Completing the first level is essential to go to the next locations.

2. Focus on Fan Following

A celebrity is a celebrity because of their fan following so you must focus on increasing your fan following in the game. Focusing on the fan following is one of the fantastic Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats to gain fan rewards.

The number of fans you gain or lose is determined by your performance on jobs, parties, dates and also by rank.

The project completed with four or more stars will receive positive reviews and grant you more fans. On the other hand, a three-star rating or lower will incur negative reviews and cause you to lose fans.

A-listed stars will get longer projects and earn more fans for project completion in compare with the stars of the lower list.

3. Accomplish Luxe Goals

Achieving the luxe goals is next in the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hacks. If You love to do shopping in Kim Kardashian Hollywood then you will get the rewards for the same again and again and these are called as luxe goals. Once in a while, you will receive a luxe goal which will show a reward for purchasing

a specific item within a certain amount of time.

Hence, buy that item before the time for collecting the rewards! If you will get unsuccessful to purchase the goal item before the time ends then that goal will simply disappears from the screen. After some time you will get the next item for luxe goal but this time the item will be different from the items in the prior goal.

4. Watch Videos

Watching video is one more handy Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats that will help you earn some rewards and up to $10 money.

Well, the availability of such videos is less because video availability entirely depends on advertisers. If they want to advertise to your specific demographic, they may offer videos, but if not, then you will not have any videos to view.

But, don’t forget to watch these commercial whenever the message will pop-up on your game screen. It may take some seconds but utilizing this Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack will definitely beneficial.

5. Participate in the Events

Participating in the events is next in the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats that help you to earn the more freebies in the game.

The game will organise events with specific time intervals, and if you participate in such events will help you to perform better in the game.

Events are the set of goals which have to be achieved in a specific time period to gain rewards. If you fail to achieve the goals, then you cannot grab those prizes. Events are also essential to earn event points that are required to open the gift boxes.

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If you ever missed out on a weekend event item or an entire event, then there is another chance to get those items from the past. The throwback events are work like other events. Earn 5-star rating on professional projects during a throwback event to get event points.

6. Adopt Pets

Adopting pets is one more Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats that will play a vital role in receiving rewards like cash and energy.

You can earn rewards when you fill the progress bar for each pet. Every time you collect the 100 paws from a walkable pet, you can make some cash and energy. These rewards will come directly from your pet.

Pets are not just an adorable and cute addition to your homes. If you own the home of walkable pet, you can also tap that pet for energy in its home once every 4 hours.

7. Unlock Daily Gift Box for Partnership Rewards

Opening the Gift box is very important. Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack because you can get lots of rewards by unlocking them.

Daily gift box will unlock the partnership rewards that are the new prizes in the game. If you want to win the unique clothing, magazine covers and much more other rewards then try to collect bronze, silver and gold partnership in a set.

8. Generate VIP Contacts

Increasing the VIP contact is one of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats that let you use Kim, Kris, Kourtney and other real-life celebrities as co-stars on projects.

Each VIP has the unique VIP action like Filling up your 5star project meter faster than regular activities and gives you a chance to earn stars, cash and other rewards during the projects.

But, you have to complete the 10th level task to unlock the VIP contacts. Kim Kardashian will be your first VIP contact in the game. So make sure to use this Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack to increase your VIP contact list.

9. Solve the Quests

Quests are the set of challenges, and if you solve them successfully, then no other Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats are as useful as this one.

The challenges may include promotional activities, photoshoot, partying and much more. Fulfil all the quests to earn extra freebies.

10. Guess the Name of New Peoples you meet

Well, this is the simple yet useful Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks that work for gaining experience points. Whenever you meet the new peoples in the game, try to guess their right name to earn the XP in the game.

11. Connect Game with Facebook

Connecting the game to Facebook may help you with many things. This Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack iOS will help you to save the progress of the game and the in-game purchases, and you can resume the game from where you left on multiple devices.

You can invite your friends to play the game, and they can join you to complete the gig so that you can receive some bonus rewards.

12. Always do Long Gigs

Performing at long gigs is one more important Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats that help you to earn level points. Always focus on 8 to 24 hours gigs because 24 hours gigs will help you to get 800 level points.

Is it Possible to Earn Unlimited Resources from Kim Kardashian Hollywood Mod Apk and Generators?

Mod apk and generators are online hack tools that promise the players to provide Kim Kardashian unlimited stars with no survey are required. But, such kinds of hack tools are illegal, and there are chances of fraud in using such online sources to grab the in-game resources.

kim kardashian hollywood cheats

Generators and Modded version of the game provide Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacked apk tricks but do not opt for such ways to get the resources.

These online tools may try to collect all the personal details like game account, email id, name etc. and if you provide such information on these illicit sites, then it may hack your game. These sources also contain viruses which may harm your devices.

I will suggest you all to adopt the real Kim Kardashian Hollywood hacks that work really and help you to improve your gameplay.

Disclaimer: The only way to get “Unlimited” resources is through in-game purchases by spending real money. The hacks and cheats provided by us and the in-game purchases will help you to get the maximum resources. There is no such way through which you get the resources that will help you in the game for life long.


Here we are winding up the list of Kim Kardashian Hollywood hack and cheats that will make your game much more enjoyable.

Please share your thoughts in the below comment box. You can also share tips and tricks that you want us to add in our article.

Stay tuned for more details because there is a lot more exciting stuff is on its way. Till then, Good Bye!

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