Golf Rival Hack to Get In-Game Currency

golf rival hack cheats

Golf Rival is the latest trend of golfing on your smartphone on the android and iOS market.

Recently the game has improved its interface and made it easier for the rewarding mechanism to play without cash.

This post covers all the Golf Rival Hack that guarantee that the reward packages are increased periodically.

Golf Rival Hack and Cheats

Grab Deals Daily

Daily deals contain unique balls, clubs, or coins for the bag. It requires you to spend money and grab it. However, there is a free golf rival hack that allows you to gather something free of charge.

You’ll find a free card every day if you enter the deal site. It takes no payment to collect this item.

Every sixteen hours, the card automatically changes. Get your message keeping the notification of the game on your mobile and get this free package.

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Daily Login Incentive

Daily Login Bonus

In older days also the game started to reward you with coins or gems for regular login. You will earn four extra prizes with the latest update from Golf Rival.

You can find free coins every day, which you can regularly use if you go to the regular login tab. Check out the golfrivalcheats portal where there are lots of such ways available that we don’t know.

However, there are another four options for watching videos to collect chests and gems. You need to see four promotional advertisements for other games and applications.

These advertisements are absolutely healthy, and you will only view these videos for 30 seconds.

However, as you choose, you cannot receive the advantages. The awards come after receiving the prior award.

Connect with Facebook

Connect With Facebook

Out of the Golf Rival Cheats, social media link is easy and straightforward. You can link your game profile to your Facebook profile with just a simple tap on the screen.

Every Golf Rival Cheat has numerous advantages. Principally after your account is linked to Facebook, you will receive one platinum chest online.

The Platinum chest is full of outstanding rewards that will guarantee that you win in the beginning stages.

You will find some people enjoying the challenge when you’re signed in to Facebook. You could also invite league players to enjoy the game, and you’ll be given 500 coins per request.

You will share presents and coins with your friends via the Facebook link. Then, when you don’t have several mates, you’ll wonder what is going to happen.

The path is clear. Build a separate account and link your primary and secondary accounts for the transfers.

Get Coins In Exchange For the Diamond

Diamonds reflect the game’s best currency. Coins can be purchased in return for diamonds. A lot of transactions involve coins or gems. You can access it from the shop when you need each of these.


All the above Golf Rival Cheats will provide you the ability to win every game in the tournament. Use them efficiently and never miss a chance to get rewards.

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