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Choices Stories You Play Hack

Choices stories you play is one more super addictive game from the Pixelberry studios, which is well known for offering the fantastic narrative games.

You can explore the stories from all categories from love, horror, romance, drama, adventure, and much more other.

You can fall in love or go on an adventure in the stories. You have control over your life and the things happening in life.

Diamonds are the primary currency of the game, and for earning this, you must know the choices cheats that help you to make your gameplay better.

Diamonds play the essential role in purchasing new outfits and hairstyles and, most importantly, to make some decisions. Earning diamonds is one of the challenging tasks in the game.

This game has different settings for each story, and the new bees to the game might find the game overwhelming.

Hence, we are here to provide you a complete list of the choices game hack. So these amazing choices cheats to earn lots or resources, advance in the game will help you to make your game experience better.

So without further ado, we will directly focus on the list of the choices hack that actually work to earn the resources in this game.

Top 8 Choices Cheats and Hacks To Earn Free Keys & Diamonds

1. Complete the chapters

If you start with a particular story, then keep on completing the chapters of that story because these choices cheats will reward you with 2 diamonds at the end of the story. Each tale you play will give you the diamonds.

If you want to get an extra one diamond, then at the end of the story, a tab of additional reward will appear on the left side of the game screen so you will get one more diamond that means you can grab 3 diamonds at the end of every story.

2. Watch Ads

Watching the ads is one of the best choices stories you play hack. While playing the game, you will see the gift box icon on the right corner of your game screen. Clicking on this icon will open the new window, which will ask you to watch the ads and get rewards.

This window contains 4 ads to watch out of which three ads will give you one diamond, and the last one will offer you with two diamonds.

Only you have to keep in mind that you have to open these ads as per its sequence because without watching the first commercial, you cannot open the rest of the advertisements.

Once you collect the reward, the timer of 22 hours will get started, and after 22 hours, you can again collect these five diamonds.

If you think that these choices cheats is time consuming, then don’t worry because these ads are only 15 to 30 seconds, and you will get information about the new games to play as well.

Hence, don’t forget to use these choices game cheats as this is the only way to get the five diamonds without any hard work.

3. Switch to Other Stories

If you are playing a particular story and you are out of diamonds to make your desired choices, then you can play other books to collect the diamonds.

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The only thing is that you have to hit the home button, and all the available stories will be displayed on your game screen, and you can play the other stories of your choice. This cheats for choices is one of the simple ways to grab the diamonds.

Don’t worry about the previous story you are playing before starting the new one because you can resume the story from where you left that.

4. Keys are Essential to Read the Chapters

Having keys is one of the essential choices cheats because, without keys, you cannot play the chapters of any book.

When you begin with the game, you will have two keys in your account, and you have to spend one key for every chapter except the first chapter of any book.

As soon as you finish those two keys, then the timer will start, and you will get the next key after 3 hours. If you want two keys, then you have to wait for 6 hours, respectively.

Presently waiting for the automatic generation of the keys is the only choice stories you play hack. Either you wait to get keys or complete the first chapters of every book because it doesn’t require keys to play.

5. Replay the Chapters

Replaying the chapter is one more essential choices app cheats. Replaying the chapters will not give you diamonds for the chapter completion, but at the end of this chapter, the window will open that will ask you to get free rewards by watching ads.

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If you are a smart player, then you will not forget to take the benefit of these choices stories you play free diamonds cheat.

6. Keep Observing the Discount Offers By the Game Store

The game developers always help the players by giving them different discount offers on the purchase of diamonds and keys. Keeping a keen eye on these offers is one more useful choices stories you play hack.

Don’t forget to take benefit of these offers because purchasing the resources from the play store is one of the choices cheats that work genuinely.

You can get maximum resources in minimum spending of money so that you can play the story on your own demands.

7. Spend the Diamonds Wisely

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game, so spending wisely is one of the smart choices cheats that help you to make you play better.

Presently there are very few ways in this game through which you can earn the diamond. Try to spend the diamonds on the choices you want to select rather than spending them on outfits and hairstyles.

Choices made by you will affect your stories, and clothes will not do so much except impressing other characters of the game. Hence use this choices stories you play hack for managing your primary currency of the game.

8. Connect the Game with Facebook

Linking your game with Facebook is one of the useful choices cheats because it will help you to save the progress you made in the game.

Hence this choices app hack will help you to resume your game on any device. So you don’t have to begin the game from the start.

How to Hack Choices Stories You Play Without Human Verification?

Well, I came to know many online sources that will help me to grab more diamonds and keys without human verification.

But, if you will use this choices stories you play hack, then it is of no use because there is no such source that helps you to hack the game. All the game information and player details will be saved on the game server. So it is not possible to hack the game and online sources which promise you to offer free diamonds in choices stories you play hack no human verification are a fraud.

Choices Stories you Play Diamond Generator: The Truth

There is no shortcut to earn the diamonds in the choices stories you play the game except the real choices cheats and hacks. Generators are generally promise to offer you with unlimited in-game currencies.

Generators are fake and create greed into the minds of the player by making a false promise to give unlimited resources but this is not true at all because generators always ask for your game details and will try to hack the game.

I will strongly suggest you all not to get trap in such scams because generators may have viruses that will harm your device.

Game developers always work hard to create amazing games. They only have in-game purchases as their source of income from games, and no developer will give permission to any online sources to provide unlimited in-game currencies to any player.

Hence, only use the real choices stories you play hack and cheats that will enhance your gaming experience.

Disclaimer: there are no such ways through which you can earn Unlimited resources. Even the above-mentioned choices stories you play hack and cheats will not be able to provide unlimited resources.

The only way to get maximum resources is by paying real cash, and paying money also will help you to get maximum resources and not unlimited.

Final Words

So friends in this article, we have tried to provide you with all the possible Choices cheats and hacks to earn the in-game resources.

We also focused on the online malpractices and fraudulent ways of earning free diamonds in the game. Now, it’s up to you which choices app cheats and hack you are going to use for

making your game better.

Let us also know if any other choices cheats that work for earning diamonds you want us to add in our list.

Stay tuned with us for more updates. Till then, enjoy interactive stories!

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