Bloons TD Battles Hack : Top 9 Cheats For Unlimited Free Skins Money Time in 2020

bloons td battles hack

Bloons TD Battles Cheats

Bloons Td Battles is the fantastic player vs. player defense game of Monkeys vs. Bloons. While playing this head to head strategy game, there are some simple Bloons td Battles hack and cheats that help you to enhance your gaming experience.

The Ninja Kiwi develops Bloons Td Battles as the next installment from the Bloons Tower defense series. The game can be played on different platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Macintosh operating system, and Windows phone.

You main goal in this game is to protect your balloons (Bloons) from arriving at the end of a specific track on the map. This map has more than one entrances and exit gates for the Bloons.

Unlike other tower defense games in this game, also you have to select the multiple kinds of towers because they are the essential defensive utility in the Bloons td battles game.

The game has two types of currencies i.e., energy and medallions. If you want to go further in the game and keep on playing the game for a longer time, then you have to earn these currencies in the game.

Here in this article, we are providing you with the handy Bloons td battles cheats that help you to get these currencies without spending the real money.

Many players want to know how to hack Bloons td battles, and if you are also one of those players, then go through the list; you will get answers to all your queries regarding the game.

Top 9 Bloons TD Battles Hack – Cheats For Unlimited Money

1. Spin the Wheel

If you are looking for a Bloons td battles hack for earning Medallions, then spinning the wheel will help you in this. The game will have a battle spin option on the right side of your game screen, and you can spin it after every 8 hours. It means in 24 hours; you will get a three times chance to spin the wheel.

You can earn up to 200 medallions by spinning the wheel. If you are lucky enough, then you can also get a club entry by spinning the wheel. So don’t forget to make use of one of the amazing Bloons td battles cheats for gaining resources in the game.

2. Watch Advertisements

Watching commercials is one more useful Bloons td battles cheats that will help you to collect the

Medallions. The game will pop up the free tab on the right and left side of your game screen. If you click on the right side tab, then you will get 5 Medallions for watching each advertisement.

If you tap on the left side tab, then you will get the energy. For every watched add, you get 5 energy as your reward for watching. Well, the availability of the ads will entirely depend on the advertisers. If they want to promote anything, then only the ads will be available.

Watching ads consume your data and time, but using this Btd battle hack will help you to be updated with the new products or games that are available in the game world.

3. Join the Clans

If you are looking for a Bloons td battles cheats that will work for you to grab the more significant awards, then joining the clans will help you in this.

Join up with the other players in a clan and work together to earn massive rewards. Each game you win will award you with the clan keys.

Earning the clan keys is very important because these keys will help you to unlock the better prizes every week. While joining the clans, you must make sure you will join the active clans. Active clan members always keep on playing and help you to fulfill the clan goals.

4. Participate in Weekly Competitions

If you want a Bloons td battles cheats for collecting the more significant awards, then participating in the weekly competition is the exclusive btd hack for it.

Weekly competitions will help you to grab some of the massive rewards. If you get success to finish the competition and grab the first position on the leader board, then this Bloons td battles hack will make you the supreme winner, and you will be rewarded with 2,000,000 of Medallions. For the second place, 1,000,000 Medallions. For a third-place, you will get 500,000 medallions.

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Even if you finish the game on and rank yourself between 250001 and 500000, then also you will get 100 Medallions. Hence make sure you will use this one of the useful Bloons td battles cheats for more significant rewards.

5. Take Part in Tournaments

The tournament is the brand new feature to the Bloons td battles game, and one of the useful Bloons td battles cheats for using bonus towers, red hot spikes, Bloon boosts, and tower boosts will be used free of cost.

For every tournament, there is a decided limit of round ranges between 5-40, and whenever match reaches its limit, the player who has maximum lives will be the winner.

You can take part in the tournaments by tapping on the tournament tab from the menu and join the tournament or can create the tournament as well.

6. Keep on Playing

Playing the game will be the most useful Bloons td battles hack for earning the Medallions in the game. If you keep on playing, then you will never go out of medallions.

Play the game because if you win the battles, then you will receive 5 medallions for each win, and if you lose the match, you will only get 2 medallions.

Keep in mind that you will not surrender within the starting seven rounds; otherwise, you will get zero rewards.

The medallion is the primary currency in this game, so you need this currency to spend on the upgradation of towers, Bloon decals, Zesty Max energy boosts, and many other things.

7. Complete the offers

Completing the offers is a more glorious Bloons td battles hack that will help you to collect some amount of the medallions.

The game has offers like downloading the different games, complete some levels of a specific game, solving the mathematics quiz, signing up for particular games, and many others.

You will find these offers by tapping on the store tab on the right bottom side of your game screen, then click on the free medallions image from the window, and then the game will display the present offers to the players.

8. Take a Look at Hot deals at the game store

The game store always helps the players by presenting them with different exclusive discount offers. If you use this exclusive Bloons td battles cheats then you will get a benefit of collecting maximum resources in minimum spending.

The game has a big discount sale on the purchase of in-game resources that can help you to enhance your gaming experience.

9. Connect with Facebook

Connecting with Facebook will help you to save the game progress and also a useful Bloons td battles hack to collect the friend rewards.

Connect the game to social media to challenge your friends, and if you finish the challenge and get success to earn the first position, then you will collect 50 Medallions. For securing second and thirds place, you will be rewarded with 25 and 10 medallions respectively.

Is Possible to Generate Unlimited Medallions by Bloons TD Battles Mod APK And Generators?

Bloons battles hacked with the modded versions of the game. Many online hack tools provide you with the Bloons td battles hack apk to play the game with unlimited resources.

But let me inform you all that Bloons td battles mods and medallion generators are illegal, and you should not opt for such fraudulent ways.

bloons td battles cheats

Fake Bloons TD Battles Generator Hack Tool

These hack tools always promise the players to provide unlimited in-game resources without any human verification. But it is not true at all because if you try to use these hack tools, they ask for personal details like game account detail, email id, name, contact number, etc. and if you provide such information, then Bloons td battles hacked by these illegal sites.

Generators and mod apk’s may have a virus that will harm your mobile. So I will strongly suggest you all stay away from such scams and do not spoil your game by adopting illicit tips and tricks.

Disclaimer: The only way to get “Unlimited” resources from the game is to purchase them by spending real cash. The hacks and cheats provided by us and the spending of real money will help you to receive maximum resources, and there is no way through which you can get the resources that can be used for life long.


In the end, the only thing I would like to tell you all that go through the above list and use only real Bloons td battles hack and cheats that will make your gameplay better.

Please share your thoughts with us because your views will motivate us to work more efficiently to provide you with exclusive gaming details.

Stay tuned with us for more information. Till then, bye!

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