Frequently Asked Questions

We will keep this page updated as questions come in.

Q: How do I get a badge and register to play events?
A: All Badge, Event, and Merchandise purchases are handled through the MSTB Gaming web site.  You will need an MSTB ID.  This ID will be used for Future AnCon conventions as well as other conventions MSTB Gaming manages.   Click Here to go to that site.  Visit it often as events are added daily.

Q: I ordered my badge, when will I receive it?
A: All badges and merchandise ordered on the site are "will-call pick up" only.  We found this eliminates the chance a badge becomes missing in the mail. Also - it gives us the chance to see you again or for the first time!

Q: I am an awesome person who wishes to submit games for AnCon!
A: First - This is not a question. Second - Yes! You ARE awesome! The above registration site link will allow you to submit games BEFORE you purchase admission. This will allow you to qualify for the Discount GM Badge. For program details, see here.

Q: I have a large game group that wishes to attend AnCon.  Do you have special rates for groups?
A: You bet! We'll have some forms up soon for this - but for now, feel free to contact us for more information.