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February 19, 2012

Registration system is now up and running.  (And there was great rejoicing).  The Registration System will be used by all conventions managed by MSTB Gaming. When directed to the site, it will require you to create an "MSTB ID".  This ID will be used for this and all future conventions MSTB Gaming manages.

Once you have an account, remember your MSTB ID.  (Yes, they will have user names very soon which will be easier to remember).  From there you can purchase your badge, events, and even convention merchandise.

We don't have very many events in the system yet, but they are coming shortly.  RPGA, Pathfinder, Looney Labs, Kids, and others will be coming in the next week or two.

If you wish to run an event, do not purchase a player badge.  Instead select Run an Event which is under the events menu.  After you submit the event, management approves it and you will qualify for a judge badge (which will show up under the badge menu).

January 22, 2012
Since Origins decided to move to May, Super Dave and the rest of the Ancon staff decided to take advantage of the situation and move the convention to June. Further, the convention will now be four days instead of three. This means more games and more fun.

Further, AnCon will be managed by MSTB Gaming,LLP. They have always been a part of the show in the past and have always been an intergral part of the convention. As we are growing, the need for convention management continues to grow. Everybody who has been a part of the convention in the past is still here and our focus has been and will always be to provide the best gaming experience to the community.