AnCon Family Fun Room

Formerly known as the Kids’ Event area, Ancon would like to promote family games in a positive fun environment. Ancon Family Fun Room is glad to present a safe, secure, craft filled environment for families to create a master piece, try new games, or watch a themed video.

The Family Fun Room is staffed by parent volunteers and offers our younger gamers an area of their own to learn new or old games, such as Kingsburg, Ticket to Ride America, Carcassonne, Hey! That's My Fish, TransAmerica, Bohnanza and Dawn Under, to name a few. Crafts will be offered as well as videos to entertain parents and young gamers alike.

We offer this safe area for parents with the knowledge that this is not a day care facility but is staffed by parent and convention volunteers. We offer the option of a secure area to drop children for a few hours while parents enjoy a game. Parents are responsible for the care of their children and the staff reserves the right to contact parents of unruly children or feed them to Cthulhu. ;)

You will be able to find the schedule of games listed in our preregistration book when it is available as well as on the MSTB Gaming Registration Site.

Speaking of Kids - Outside of the Familly Game Room, events are rated by age. The event descriptions in the books or on the registration site give the recommended age based on maturity level needed to play the game. Obviously, some kids mature faster than others so it is up to you and the Game Master to decide if your child can and should play.