The Iron Geek

The Iron Geek Design Challenge is a single day, 4 hour design competition. It is based on the concept of the Iron Chef cooking show, but with game design. The competition is meant to challenge designers to be creative and have fun. Designers are able to create a game and receive feedback about the game in a very short time period.

Participants will be divided up into two person teams. Experienced designers will be paired with newer designers whenever possible. Participants will be given a topic, then they will design a game prototype based on the topic. The topic will be a difficult concept that provides a challenge for the designers. Topic examples are time, evolution and marriage.

At the end of 3 hours, participants should have a demonstration prototype and rough rules. Cards and pieces can be judged for clarity and usefulness but not aesthetics. Every team will have eight minutes to explain their game to the judge. Judges will be allowed 2 minutes of questions. The judge will make their decision based upon the game design presentation. Judging will be based on completeness, topic implementation, creativity, and interest.

Miscellaneous Rules:
• The game created should be playable in less than an hour.
• No team is permitted to continue to work on their game after the allowed time limit.
• A box of game making components will be provided. This can include items such as: papers, pens, markers, index cards, card board, markers, poker chips, blocks, scissors, spray mount, exacto knifes and more. Participants are allowed to provide additional components.
• A designated BOGA DaP member will be in attendance to “Referee” the event. Any unforeseen issues that come up during the event will be resolved by the referee. The Referee will also be available for limited idea feedback and playtesting.
• Participants shall remain in area designated for the contest.

Schedule for the event:
The event will be taking place Friday 6:00 - 10:00 PM (Event #1089)

Prize Support:
This event was generously sponsored in 2012 through 2014 by The Game Crafter. Current prize support is pending, and any event sponsors are encouraged to contact Ben Kanelos ( ) for more information.

Industry Judges:
These members of the gaming community will be on hand to judge the event:

Alex Yeager
Shayne Gray
"Super" Dave Radzik

Past judges have included:

Larry Roznai (Mayfair Games)
Uwe Eickert (Academy Games)
Sean Patrick Fannon (Evil Beagle Games)

AnCon 2013's Winner - Theme: Teleportation
Bonnie Hazen and Ben Kanelos with "Beam Me Up!"

Previous Winner @ AnCon 2012 - Theme: Reflection
John P Hazen and Tim Jesurun with "Zen Garden"


This event is hosted by The Board Gamers of Greater Akron Design and Prototype Committee, see for information about the organization. Any questions about the competition can be emailed to