Indie Dash

Daper Dash and IndeCom are now combined!

If you’re a player who likes playing indie games for free, winning prizes, and making your voice heard… you’ll love AnCon’s Indie Dash! If you are game designer looking for play testing, feedback, and a chance to mix it up with other designers, AnCon’s Indie Dash is the place for you!

I’m a player, how does the Indie Dash work?

The Indie Dash is AnCon’s new and simplified Dapper Dash.  In order to participate, simply play any Indie Dash game listed in the on-site book.  Each time you play a listed game you are automatically entered into our prize drawing.

The game designers may also ask you to fill out a feedback form or briefly discuss your impressions of the game, and we ask that you participate in their feedback gathering.

Indie Dash games will be run throughout the convention, and Indie Dash will have a designated play space on Saturday from Noon to 8PM.  All the games in the play space will be part of the Indie Dash and totally free to play.

I'm a game designer, how does the Indie Dash work?

The Indie Dash replaces and simplifies the prior year’s InDeCom, which is no longer a competition between game designers.  The Indie Dash is a chance to play test your game prototype, whatever stage of development it may be in.  You may have players fill out a feedback form, discuss their experience with you, or gather feedback in any other manner you wish.  AnCon will provide standard feedback forms if you do not have one.  You will need to fill out a ‘Game Participation’ form at the time of gaming and turn it into HQ for our records and prize drawings for the players.

The Indie Dash has designated play space from Noon to 8PM.  During that time we marshal players to games for you to ensure each game has an equal chance of being played.  We ask that you help by playing other designer’s games as well as your own.

If you would like to take part in the Indie Dash, please fill out the contact form below.  Indie Dash is only accepting unpublished and self-published games.  Be sure to sign up for the Indie Dash events to run your game.  You may also schedule your own events to demo your game for free; just remember to mention that your game is an Indie Dash entry in the event description.

What are the prizes?

The winner recieves a free badge to AnCon 2016. Not a bad deal, just for playing games!

Additional prizes were generously donated by The Game Crafter for AnCon 2012-2014. Current prize support is pending and any event sponsors are encouraged to contact Ben Kanelos