AnCon InDeCom

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Independent Design Competition

What is AnCon InDeCom?

  • InDeCom is a competition for game designers with playable prototypes.
  • InDeCom will have a designated play area at AnCon on Saturday Noon-8PM.  Events will be marshaled in the order of designer arrivals.
  • InDeCom is a free-to-play event.  Your game will also be listed on the Dapper Dash, meaning general gamers will be seeking you out to play your game.
  • InDeCom is a great opportunity to get your game played by designers and the general public, get some free publicity, as well as a chance to win some great prizes.

How does AnCon InDeCom work?

  • Use the contact form below to submit your game into the competition. InDeCom is only accepting unpublished and self-published games.
  • Sign up for the InDeCom events to run your game.  You may also schedule your own events to demo your game for free, just remember to mention your game is an InDeCom entry in the event description.
  • When anyone plays your game, sign off on their Dapper Dash punch-card.  The players will rank your game against other entries.  At the end of the convention, these cards will be collected and tallied, and an AnCon InDeCom 2014 champion will be crowned. 

What are the prizes?

Hey - We are working on this! At a minimum, our highest rated Independent Game Designer will receive free admission to AnCon 2015. In the past, we have also provided "Designer-Useful" swag - and we are currently looking for a sponsor!

Use the contact form to submit your game. Other questions can be sent to




This event is hosted by The Board Gamers of Greater Akron Design and Prototype Committee (BOGADAP), see for information about the organization.