Dapper Dash

If you like playing indie games for free, winning prizes, and making your voice heard - you’ll love AnCon’s Dapper Dash!

What the Dapper Dash, and how does it work?

The Dapper Dash is a competition for game players running throughout the convention.  Upon checking in to AnCon, you will receive a Dapper Dash Scorecard.  This scorecard will have a list of indie games participating in the AnCon InDeCom (Independent Design Competition).

Each time you play a game listed on the Dapper Dash Scorecard, the game creator will sign off on your card.  The player who has played the most games listed on their Dapper Dash scorecard at the end of the convention will win prizes (a random drawing will be held in the case of a tie).  Be sure to also sign up for the AnCon InDeCom events (Saturday running from Noon to 8PM in 2 hour slots), because every game you play there will count towards your Dapper Dash!

The Dapper Dash Scorecard also doubles as a scoring system for the AnCon InDeCom.  Simply rank the games you played in your order of enjoyment before turning in your Dapper Dash Scorecard.  You ranking will help determine the winner of AnCon InDeCom.

What are the prizes?

The winner recieves a free badge to AnCon 2015. Not a bad deal, just for playing games!

Additional prizes were generously donated by The Game Crafter for AnCon 2012/2013. Current prize support is pending and any event sponsors are encouraged to contact Ben Kanelos ben@mstbgaming.com