Gaming Groups

One of AnCon's primary goals is to promote local gaming.  If your group, or members of your group, are going to attend AnCon - we will be happy to promote your group here on our web site.  Groups can also get a discount if they register together - Groups of 10 or more recieve $5 off, and 25+ get $10 off.

We're working on making this some kind of electronic magic for you, but basically we're talking about a list of names - so it's pretty easy stuff. Count members at your monthly wig-and-gavel meetings - or use the forums on your website. Try an event in a MeetUp Group - the gamers will count themselves! Thank you to several game group members who stepped up at AnCon 2013 and volunteered to be the Group Leader for their organization - we're excited that you are willing to make that effort to expand the fun!

How Discounts Work

  • Designate a Group Leader if you have not already. The Group Leader will be in charge of finding out who is attending AnCon, and will be in contact with our Staff.
  • Have each attendee go to and purchase their badge at the normal price, then submit their MSTB user name or ID account number and their real name to the group leader. (Remember: Buy badge first, then submit ID & name)
  • Group Leader should then submit the list of attendees with their user names or ID numbers to Frank Belter or Dan Britt by April 15, 2014. Qualifying groups will have their attendee's badge kits stuffed with the appropriate cash refund.
  • To qualify for the group discount, the attendees must register and have their information submitted by the April 15th deadline. Group discounts will not be applied, tallied or amended after this date, nor at the doors!
  • If your group includes Game Masters - Even better! While we do not further discount the $20 GM Badge rate, we do count GMs as part of the total for the purposes of determining the discount rate for your group! (GM's already received a $15 discount for their participation.)
  • Group Leaders should also check out our Bounty Hunter program!

**Please note: Group members on your list must have purchased a badge - And the member must have submitted their information to the Group Leader to qualify for the Group Discount. Non-attendees who haven't purchased a badge do not count towards the Group tally, and Group members who did not submit their information do not receive a discount.


Game Groups Who Love AnCon

Akron D&D Yahoo Groups

BOGA Boardgamers of Greater Akron

BOGA Design and Prototype (BOGADAP)

CABS Columbus Area Boardgame Society

Cleveland Card Game Players

Cleveland Board Gamers

Evil Geniuses for Better Tomorrow
Kent State University

Fair Play Event Organizers

Gamers Guild of Ohio

JAC Games & Painters Guild

Looney Labs Mad Lab Rabbits
Looney Labs Local Clinic (AnCon)

Men in Black
(Steve Jackson Games: MIB)

North Coast Gamers