Bounty Hunter Program

How would you like to earn some money just by bringing new people to the show?

The AnCon bounty hunter program has been around since its inception. Here is how it works:

Get people to come to the show for the whole weekend. You will get $5 for each person who has never attended the show before. After they register, place their name and MSTB ID number on the bounty hunter form and turn in the form at the registration desk when you come to the convention. Here are the rules:

  1. Bounties may only be claimed once. Two people cannot claim the same bounty. This is determined on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Bounty can only be cliamed on a full weekend badge. (Full Weekend Badge, Child Weekend Badge (9-12), Judge Badge)
  3. Bounty can only be cliamed on a badge purchased for preregistration. (I.E. you cannot claim a bounty on a person who didn't preregister).
  4. Form must be completely filled out and legible.

Want more? The #1 Bounty Hunter this year gets a Free Badge to AnCon next year!

Download the 2015 Bounty Hunter Form